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Monday, 2 July 2018

Call me Scary Spice

She is fearless, doesn't give a damn to what comes her way. Ready to try anything new, always at the front row and never gives up. Never compares herself to her competition, this summer you can call me scary spice.

I have never ever owned or in fact have worn a leopard print piece of clothing. Well, up until now.
I've always found it so hard to pull off unless you're in the front cover of Vogue or back in 90s singing along to the Spice girls. It's just one of those styles that are so out-dated you seem silly wearing, but oh boy I've eaten my words.

For this look I've also gone with a slightly different makeup look, I wanted to incorporate the bright pattern of the print with my eyes. This orange like red emphasised my eyes much more than I'd ever imagine, since I only ever wear brown eyeshadow this has given me the confidence to play around with my palette a little more. We found the most beautiful nature light when we were shooting this look which gave my makeup look a totally different dimension. So happy with the end results!


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