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Monday, 28 May 2018

a summer come back

Feelings can not described on how happy I am to be blogging again!
I've been busy, real busy. Building an Airbnb empire over the past year, which truthfully became too much. After a few months I felt exhausted, not only for the physical and mental aspect but also because I didn't enjoy it any longer. I realized that I stopped blogging and even appeared as a ghost on social media, and hey that's not me. I left it longer and longer, days turned into weeks and it then became a seven-month break. I missed it terribly, but it also gave me some time off to focus on other things.

So I thought, today is the day!
This whole outfit is from Zara, I completely fell in love with their summer collection.
Wearing this gorgeous dico ball-like skirt and toning it down with a casual white t-shirt. Adding some color with these pink court heels and some fabulous cat-eyed sunglasses.
it's a super fun look which you can wear on any occasion, apart from walking into work looking like you've just might of done the walk of shame, well, unless you're a girlboss!


Heels - MANGO