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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Pink Flame

What better time to bring out some faux-fur ey?!
Now, I can finally admit that summer is over (cry), and my glowy natural tan has faded away alongside that healthy sun kissed feel. Nevertheless Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for layers, especially for those back-breaking heavy coats.
I've missed shooting so much these past few weeks, but since we have bought our own apartment most of my time seems to be swallowed into the never ending list of things to do. I've never had such a big move, I mean, this is the third country I have moved to with only one suitcase in my hand, but  since I've been living with my boyfriend for three years, we've gained a sport of collecting things.
Boxes and boxes to pack and unpack, going from interior store to interior store and countless trips to IKEA, I can admit I'm shattered.
I would never thought I'd be the person to say this but there's not enough hours in day.


Coat - MANGO
Boots - ZARA
Skirt - ZARA