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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sunset Light in Zakynthos

In some ways, there's too much to say for on this one post so here it goes, Greece you've stolen my heart.
Greece and it's so many islands, which luckily I visited two this summer plus the capital, Athens.
Zakynthos is where Alex and I decided to spend two weeks together, far away from frosty Oslo, even still during the summer, we both are experiencing Greece for the first time, and it's been totally worth it. The food, the ambience, the Greek's passion in what they do, it's simply been my favourite summer yet, not only by spending it with the one I love the most but at one of those beach postcards which says 'wish you were here'!
I'll be adding a travel guide on Zakynthos as soon as I get home, good Wifi and in my pyjamas is what I need first!