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Monday, 12 June 2017

Into the fields with VIPme

I have to take advantage.
The advantage of this warm, pleasant weather, weeds keep appearing from the cracks on the ground, bees flying around sucking on the pollen and more juicy watermelons on offer at my local supermarket.
I’m finding it rather hard to get out and do things since the past year I’ve been at home hiding from the cold it’s hard to get into that routine and set your mind into the motivation mode, which only I can do activate.
I promised myself as soon as June comes by I shall and will have more energy, maybe start the gym even though it more of a chore than anything, swimming or even exploring more of Oslo. Isn’t it strange that once you move to a new place you avoid all the touristic attractions? I haven't even visited half of them, which is one of my goals this summer, experience Oslo.
Today I did just that, locked my apartment door and headed out into the Norwegian countryside. And how beautiful and blissful it was, to get out of the city, away from traffic, people and have a ‘day-off’.
Together with VIPme, I ran across the farmers seasonal plantation, feeling the joy and the freedom of what nature can give. Another summer dress to pack in my suitcase for my upcoming holidays, VIPme has saved me one more time.

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