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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lady-Like with VIPme

I've always felt like the summer only lasts around two months, June and July, together with having those one-offs scorching weekends in the sun and followed by two weeks of pouring rain.
Always looking back and thinking, do I miss Barcelona? Being able to wear the most beautiful dresses just like this one from VIPme in my everyday life? Hell yes! But, yes but, I definitely don't miss the cockroaches and those sweaty sleepless nights. The nightlife, hangovers from those twenty mojitos, after parties and those 'did I really say that?!', most of them are gone, not completely but being 25 and not 20 I guess you have to enter the boring adult life.
I've wondered if I'll ever move again, move from Oslo to a tropical country or will Norway be my home forever. I used to stress about it so much that at one point I just thought, to hell with that, I'm going to live my life day by day, and I feel like it life hasn't even started!
My thoughts wrapped around like a scarf, trotting around in this summer dress ready for the holidays!
Light, vibrant and fitting like a hand in a glove, I' beginning to collect my favourite pieces from VIPme, are you?

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Dress - VIPme

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  1. Many of your thoughts are also mine,it's hard to change and at one point you need a place where build your future. Sometimes we overthink or we've an idea and then things are gonna change and we realize was not what we expected.I thought that Barcelona was the right place and V. the right man and working in the fashion industry the right job,but over time, after trying ('cause this is necessary) I realized that all that is right but only for a while, not forever. Time teaches and I'm sure you'll know which kind of life and place is better for you!Now just enjoy day by day good moments e good people!