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Sunday, 2 April 2017


Everything seems to fall into place as the Spring appears.
The days get longer, you seem to commute to work with the light blue sky, weekends seem more enjoyable and just generally having more energy to do more with life.
Recently I've been wanting to know more about culture, all the different cultures around the world. I feel like it's important not just to know the history nor what's today's news in the country you live in, but also to broaden your mind in what is happening around the world.
Once I start to watch documentaries about politics, culture even medicine, I just can't seem to stop until I've seen every single one. I guess I'm intrigued and very much like my mother.
All I seem to heard about is Brexit and Trump and to be honest who understands any of it? So many views and opinions you get lost in their discussions.
Anyhow, today I'm enjoying my first rays of the sunshine in my beloved Ivyrevel jacket, perfection for spring and overall feeling very contempt.


Jacket - IVYREVEL Use code RUNCIMAN20 for 20% off!
Top - ZARA
Bag - ZARA


  1. I was used to watch cultural tv talks and when I was at high school I was actively involved in school politics but then, over time, I lost my interest and especially my passion on it....there's always too much business behind...anyway I think is important to be informed and updated...
    P.S. I love your top...I like this trend:transparence & embroidery!!!