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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bye to Black

At my fourth trip to the hairdresser, hair tied up for over two months and my bank account crying at the expensive. I can freely admit I will never dye my hair black again!
I've dyes my hair black for over six years and in those six years I've been to the hairdresser once, I find it hard to believe but I've never felt the need to visit a hair salon. Hardly paid much attention, I think that's the pros about having dark locks, no need to retouch any highlights nor freshen it up, only to go to my nearest shop and purchase a box of hair dye every four weeks.
Now, yearning for a change I've decided I want something different, to go blonde and let me tell you, it's a hell of a ride. Your hair represents you and not only that, it also goes with your style. The past two months have been my hardest, patchy coloured ginger hair and having it up 'hidden' in a frizzy, dry bun.
Feeling like it ruined every outfit, I lost motivation in doing shoots and even lost confidence.
It's a long process and I'm nowhere near finished but fingers crossed by this summer I shall be blonde. After yesterday's appointment, I can finally wear my hair down, it feels so much better and definitely more girly! Strolling around the city, wearing my most casual and comfy outfit, the sun's shining and the flowers are blooming, sounds like a perfect Sunday right?!


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