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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Yellow Heaven

I only wore black clothes, black shoes, black bags and let's not forget that my hair is also black.
They say it's to do with your personality, your mood, you tend to be more of a laid back, shy, unattracted for attention person. Looking back to the past years I've felt comfortable, not looking for a limelight, a person who would prefer to be at the back of the crowd.
Since starting this blog, it's liberated me in such a way that I prefer to stand out of that dark specific niche. I felt bored, my clothes didn't scream out, it blended with the background I was shooting around and sank into my dark hair.
It seems silly to say that this is one of my biggest achievements, experimenting with colours, starting a fresh page into my comfort zone book and just do it.
I have big changes coming, a thing I've been wanted to change for a long time.
But no spoilers just yet.


Shirt - MANGO
Trousers - MANGO
Bag - ZARA

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