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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Obsessed with Lace

One week without my missing fragment, seven days without my companion.
More than ever I seem to have grown a second voice, a whisper of self-conversations, mumbling whilst washing the dishes, discussing when hanging the washing, but on some level to another, we all do the same, some out loud, some not so.
The first few days seemed the hardest, I missed him, missed him so I feared how dull and lifeless my days would be without him. It true, I began to wonder if the feeling was either a negative or a positive aspect. Good in the sense that time apart is somewhat a nourishment for the relationship, knowing that your feelings are still there, the realisation of caring, loving and acknowledgement of what you both have.
But no matter the power of making a life together, you must have your own. 
Condition your mind to become who you want to become, achieve your goals with self-believe and empower your true self as a woman is what you must always remember.
It is your life.


LACE - NELLY (White sold out, black still available)

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