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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Snow on my Canvas

We got there on time, five minutes before the blizzard started to attack my mascara and made my tears rush down my cheek leaving a black trail of ruined makeup.
This is possibly one of my favourite places to shoot in Oslo, the simplicity of the building, a clean-cut canvas with its powerful backdrop of high dominant buildings blurred out in the background. I like my backgrounds, I'm very fussy about my backgrounds.
Today is snowing, seems like every day has some snow falling, still in bed with no plans whatsoever.
Only doing some laundry and shopping online, thinking of a new hair colour, where will I go this Summer, what outfits do I fancy shooting next week, shall I eat a bacon sandwich now?
Every second of every day, thoughts like this run through my mind, super chaotic and very disorganised.
Does it happen to you too?


Body - Samsoe & Samsoe
Coat - MANGO
Trousers - NA-KD


  1. Like high-rise buildings background? Need to come to New York some day. Oh that bacon is very tempting and good, just may be once in a while don't make it daily meal. I like your makeup it is the best, must be an expert of it. April is coming winter will be gone

  2. Great look!!!I love the white coat weared over that body...the combo is amazing....could be a daily as well as a night and so elgant and feminine at the same time...I like this, when a woman could express her femininity without being vulgar...Regarding the location is really beautiful, especially with skyscrapers on the background!!!!Enjoy Valentine's and greetings to Alex!!!