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Monday, 30 January 2017


A little cool, a little cold. Both merging together to transform this, what I see as one of my favourite looks. A splash of Oriental and a tint of London, this is what I feel, this is what somehow I manage to put together.
More or less, much to the more, this tends to happen throughout my shoots, I always waltz through the door looking like a different cultism, I've heard a few whispers here and there.
Life is busy, buying a new apartment, re-decorating our bathroom and managing our Airbnb bedroom in our little home in the middle of Oslo.
Keep busy I always say, you never see a busy person unhappy.


Long Vest - ZARA
Bag - ZARA


  1. This post is in absolute my favorite....for the style you simply perfect and looks great on you...I like how you played with accessorizes and this long vest is too charming...I think is the right outfit for that location...everything is in harmony and that's what a blogger has to do...chose an outfit considering her mood and style and the backdrop she'll do the photoshoot!!!!
    Hugs from BCN