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Sunday, 8 January 2017

On stage with Gamiss & DressLily

More of a stage look.
Something other than outfits, more on detail and how simply one or two accessories can change your whole appearance. With Gamiss and DressLily I adore playing with fashion, especially because there are no boundaries and nobody telling you what is right from wrong. People may comment on what you wear when you're simply walking down the street, some may say you're jeans don't complement your shape, your top looks too cheap or you just dislike the whole outfit. You know what, just keep walking.
I am in awe of some fashion bloggers online, I get 99% of my outfits ideas from them and mostly on Pinterest. I don't necessarily copy them nor I should ever but I gather my thoughts and turn them into a beautiful blossom. This is a very important aspect of your taste in fashion you should never forget.  Be you.


Earrings - Gamiss
Glasses - DressLily

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  1. Sarah, these glasses are so fun!
    areli's april
    please follow!