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Sunday, 6 November 2016


Walking through the first drops of snow with StyleWe, winter came early, so what it feels.  The first sheet of snow landed on Friday, rather beautiful but it also came with the not so pleasing minus temperature.
The cold was so forceful, my bare legs became numb with a burning sensation after only a few minutes, snowflakes falling down on my soft black hair making it damp, the screaming wind took over my warmth and only to not realise that I had forgotten what the cold feels like.
Either way, it won't stop me from going out and doing a quick shoot, especially one which I've had for weeks unable to take as there's been a rainfall which had lasted for two weeks.
Wearing a detailed lace skirt from StyleWe with vibrant statement boots, not something I would normally go for but definitely worth the buy, I fancied a little change. A super casual wooly jumper with a little bling to make is less bold.
As the weekend ends and a long week is round the corner I'm saying goodbye to pretending I can still wear skirts and throwing on my padded long coat ready to tackle these frosty early mornings, HELLO WINTER.


Skirt - StyleWe
Jumper - Mango
Boots - Zalando
Belt - PrettyLittleThing


  1. OMG!!!Has already started to snow? I can't imagine how cold could be there!!!Anyway you pose as a great model, without showing any sign of pain for that temperatures....I like this outfit...lace skirt is elegant and sexy and golden shoes very cool but my favorite item is the belt...immediately caught my original and so stylish...reminds me the Roman's simply fantastic!!! A big hug my dear!!!

  2. That outfit is amazing I love the sweater and you look gorgeous :) I love your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  3. It hasn't started snowing here in Colorado, which is really crazy because it usually starts snowing on or just before Halloween! Great shoot <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  4. This is such a cool look! Completeley in love with the sweater!