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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Feeling a little blue

Unmotivated, uninspired, cold and tired.
I've tasted these uncanny feelings for 14 days.
I'm finding it impossible to go out into the cold and take pictures every day after a day at work, I'm finding it difficult to chase the rays before they go down into the dark night once again, I'm crawled on the sofa trying to motivate myself to keep posting, but I have nothing, not one single image.
You can always do more, I can always do more. I guess once you reach that very low point of self-pity you begin to realise that things can only get better, they must right?
That was it! That was the point! I dragged myself onto a long walk into the woods, fresh air, the smell of the crisp frost holding onto every living thing, absolute silence to look around and to think, just to breathe and to think.
Your mind is the only thing that is truly yours, so don't waste it.


  1. Total denim is a very good and cool choice. Your taste on fashion is amazing. Kisses from Italy,

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  2. What a gorgeous and inspiring outfit Sarah!!!You remind me an american actress...sounds like a look for a movie....a mixture between country and urban...the hat play a key role...makes the outfit different and fashionable...I think details always make a look more interesting, personal and intriguing!!!!
    P.S. In two weeks I'm going to move Barcelona....I'm so happy and excited^^
    Kiss kiss

  3. I have seen this look before on BL in it impressed me! It is cowboy style, looks great. I have used patches in some of my latest look, but I was surprised that half of readers dont like it.

  4. Looking very beautiful in blue :)

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