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Sunday, 23 October 2016

My first Trench Coat with VIPme

As I grow older and my mentality equally flourishes, my taste changes and I no longer lust for glittery dresses or ten-inch heels, I've begun a thirst for a more sophisticated look. A lesser desire to show my whole body, my skin, but a more classy and refined approach towards my daily wardrobe.
Jumpers become thicker, jackets become longer and chokers become scarfs. I find it tougher but more challenging to style, the materials, the colours, does this wooly hat go with these pair of jeans? Will this oversized jumper clash too much with this silky scarf? And the list goes on.
With VIPme it's made it a whole lot easier, the only thing I had to worry about were which shoes would I of worn with this beauty of a coat.
I've been longing for a 'Rachael Zane' coat for an endless amount of time and searching for one which was not too dear with firm materials was only over at VIPme's site.
Reviewing this coat is easy, the material and the lining inside is one of the best I've ever come across, which is one of my main priorities when buying coats, wraps around and stays put and not to mention the fitting, absolutely like a hand in a glove. I feel mature, I feel inviting and quite frankly I feel confident.
My first ever trench coat.

I AM #UniquelyME

Dress - VIPme

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1 comment:

  1. look so sexy...the trench coat is a must for a perfect fall outfit and that you wear is delicate and so feminine...P.S. I'm in love with the hat...I've a similar one for winter and soon I'll receive another in faux leather....I'm so addicted to hats and this model is amazing....they called it sailor hat but I prefer to call it policeman hat....and as you can imagine (for Mr.V.) it's a plus jejejeje...
    Lovely backdrop with colorful leaves^^