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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Personal Thoughts

I often seem to get asked where my passions lay, which job I'm discreetly searching for, what my plans are for the near future, shaking shoulders go up and down, sweaty hands here and there, my timid eyes start rolling away and I'm made to plaster a vague smile across my cheeks. I really don't know, I don't.
Of course, I talk a lot about my devotion as a blogger, although there's something that I have yet not found. Do I see where I will be in five years? No. Will I still be in Oslo? Not entirely sure. Will I continue blogging? Hell yea. That's the one thing what keeps me going, knowing that I can wear what I wish and shoot wherever I want gives me the motive to want to roll off my bed towards my makeup desk. Without this I have nothing.
I'm tired, exhaustively thinking this way and I've tutored myself not to care. Every day I seem to worry about life, but isn't it just about doing the thing that you love with the person that you love? Cheese, but it's true! Maybe I'm lost, maybe I don't know what I'm yearning for, but I sure know that I'm doing the thing that I'm supposed to do, are you?

Jacket - MANGO
Skirt - MANGO


  1. Keep going Sarah, dont be so pessimistic, life is beautiful, some problems are the part of this life. Think about what you want to do and start to do this. Your fashion looks are better and better I see.

  2. We're all lost - that's the fun part of life. No need to know what's coming every step of the way - just live, be present, and be excited for opportunities that come your way <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

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  4. Sarah first of all your look is a sexy-office look...Mango sometimes surprise me jejeje...
    Regarding future I'm in tune with you...totally....
    1) about University now I think that I spent 6 years for having nothing concrete...'cause find a good job seems impossible
    2) about life in general I feel lost too but simply 'cause I know what I want (live in Barcelona again but with a different life) but now I can't move and I've to stay in my little village

    The only thing you have to concentrate is Alex and your're beautiful and with good fashion tastes and somebody who believes in your abilities...I've nobody, only myself