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Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Ego with Zaful

Be quiche. Be powerful. Be confident. Be You.
Turn your back to negativity, those behind the comments mostly have bigger issues. Love yourself, be proud of who you are, keep on going, stay busy and cherish the things you love the most. Take a big step onto the glittery the ladder, better yourself, what you want you can achieve , mix your no's into yes's, look back at all the effort you have put into the life you have created. I know it's hard, I have those days were I feel the opposite of the above, but that's nature, we are all human.
This is me and this is where I am now, wearing what I feel and hoping I can lure you into this ego. Showing a little less flesh as the leafs fall onto the ground, a Zaful warm top with a textured ballerina-type skirt. I adore this look, I adore Zaful, I feel creative and that's what I find the most satisfying.


Skirt - ZAFUL
Shoes - NELLY


  1. I like Zaful...I've just received some items and are really cute....trendy and with a good price....
    I particularly like your skirt....I'll wear soon a tulle skirt but a bit longer and totally white...That you wear has an interseting + original shade...and combined with that boots so sexy is a curious combo...well done^_^
    Hope everything is good...greetings to alex!!!
    Sophia (actually from the wheat field village)

  2. Love the tulle skirt - this is a beautiful, flirty look <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here