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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Into nature wih VIPme

It was a Saturday night, drowned into my laptop, scrolling up and down on the endless clothing brands and I seemed to feel a little loss for uniqueness, I guess they all seem to follow an 'exclusive' sense of style. I like different, or I'd rather say that diversity is cooler, a design or fabric I'd never seen before catches my soul instantly.
As I floundered across VIPme I gained just what I needed, difference. From the price, shopping experience and most of all the style.
I've had an image, a flash of an idea which had sprung into my cortex. The wind, the sun, the smell of the fresh crisp nature surrounding me and only me, capturing that very moment with the only thing that I love the most - fashion.
Delicate design, tenacious material and a dominant colour are the reasons why I adore and chose this red dress, this comfortable lady-like attire. Red to feel fire, passion, power, desire and most of all energy. Which one will you choose?

I AM #UniquelyME

Dress - VIPme

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1 comment:

  1. This gallery is amazing Sarah...The third pic with sunflowers is incredible....totally love it!!!Regarding the location is the best simply WOW!!!!Keep going, honey!!!You're getting better every time more...