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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Wrapped in Leather

I clearly forgot what working feels like, those early mornings, late nights and drinking incredible amounts of coffee. But you got to do what you have to do to pay the bills right?
I didn't blog once this week, not once and that saddens me. I blame my four-day hangover from last weekend, Gin and I are no longer friends. Nevertheless, I spent yesterday night at the cinema, dozing off at the last twenty minutes per usual, does anyone else fall asleep on those comfy chairs? Or is it just me being a granny because we caught a 'late' night film, and 'late' meaning 8pm.
I find date nights crucial, crucial in a sense that sometimes - most of the time you can get too comfortable with that person, going back to those special first few months of doing the countless romantic dinners and catching a movie can rekindle the relationship, freshen it up, make you think of the old times, how nervous you once were, how you made the right choice and most important, how happy you are.

Dress - NELLY
Bag - ZARA


  1. Very very nice entire look - nice to look at the pics.

  2. OMG!!!you look so sexy and chic at the same time....I think leather and especially in black is the best outfit for you....simply fab, honey!!!!The last photo is my favorite....looks like you're in a place like Cuba or in an other age,love it!!!

  3. Wow you look gorgeous Sarah! I love the edginess of this look, the way it's both tough yet feminine and soft. I hope you had a fun evening!

    Saba xx