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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pink Bomb

I'd like to say that the summer is still with us, but here in Oslo it's evidently not. Rain is falling and I'm encased in my bathrobe whilst the winds outside are screaming 13 degrees.
I guess I'm lost for words today, I'm unsure if anything lively has happened this week, that's something I would like to erase. Not suggesting that everyday I must climb a mountain or jump on a plane, but you should live your life, do exciting things and most of all, not waste it.


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  1. Love this look! It's actually very appropriate for fall since muted pinks are a big color this upcoming season. :)

    It's extremely muggy and hot here in NYC and I actually wish it rained a bit!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  2. I understand how you are feeling. Some people thrive on being low key and the monotony of life.I get too anxious if things are too still or quiet for too long. I need excitement and I want to live a passion filled life. Your outfit is so chic, elegant, and sexy. I'm not usually a fan of pink but you wear it in such a sophisticated way that it makes me want to reconsider giving the color a try.

  3. Pink bomb....wonderful look and title!!!!I love your pants and fits perfectly on you...I like also the earrings...I saw the same model in Madrid...are totally in my tastes and emphasize your tan as well as the shade of pink you chose...OMG is so sad when weather is bad and you think shit, we're still in in my homevillage there are 30 degrees but is totally different from Spain...everything is boring and too calm....I understand you....I'd like to Mexico or in a tropical paradise ^^

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  5. I love your outfit it's sooo pretty I know what you mean in UK it can't decided what season we are in this week is meant to be 30 celsius so it should be nice and it's forecast lots of sunshine!