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Monday, 1 August 2016

French taste with Gamiss

Once again, stumbling out to the door turning over the key until I hear a sharp bond, I feel a crisp, cold bite on my bony cheeks, a cold blanket over my shoulders and that's when I'll know the summers over. Grievously the summer is seemingly short in Norway so I'll expect that day to come very soon. The fall is a beautiful utopia, orange leaves on the ground decorating the glittery slippery pavement, the skeletal trees naked in the cold air contrasting with the blue sky.
It's that time of the year where shorts become trousers, tops become jumpers, sandals become boots, sexy becomes classic, hats and scarves out of the attic and a bunch of tissues in my handbag.

The change of style is what I revere about this coming season, layering is my zone. I've recently been drooling over classical French head-ware such as the Beret hat after seen the fantastic Miroslava Duma wearing one on Pinterest which made me instantly order one over at GAMISS, apace with this chic, casual shirt-like dress. It's not often I feel comfortable in my clothes, either the material is irritating my skin, it's too short for my backside or my shoes have granted me with ten blisters, but this little gem of a dress is light, cozy and most of all affordable!


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  1. Gamiss is such a fun site! Sorry about the short summer - but now you've got cute boots and scarves to look forward to <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  2. Love your shirt dress! Cool outfit!

  3. In Poland beret is not popular, reminds retro style or grandmothers (they wear berets, but a little different), but I used beret in one of my older look and I like it - Yours is cool! LIKE IT VERY MUCH!

  4. OMG you are so cute! This dress is fantastic and the style too!


  5. This is a fashion goal, honey!!!!My fav outfit....everything is so stylish and trendy.....I like shirt-dresses and that you chose emphasize your tan!!!Shoes are so cute...and look comfy....and the hat is a touch of fabulouse on you...and it's not so simple to wear this model....Totally in love with the look! The backdrop is so in harmony with your chose the perfect location!