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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

London Lovin

Rushing through the hustle and bustle of London streets, bumping into thousands of workers at the undergrounds walking marathon, turning at every corner where something is always happening, how amazing in London?
I spend the best two weeks visiting all those places I never saw whilst taking the best city for granted, ate my body weight at my favourite places, visited old friends and of course went a little crazy on shopping at my favourite brands which was so worth it. Walking into supermarkets and seeing so much choice and at such bargain prices, that's the difference between London and Oslo. I've noticed how much consumerism there is in the UK and how cheap things can be, I wonder if this would change after Brexit...
Either way lucky you if you live in London, I envy you!
I'm hoping in the near future I'll move back, London is the best city and has great opportunities.

Skirt - ASOS


  1. You are so lucky you have the time just to relax and be a tourist ^^ i wanted to do that but work is really killing me, i love your pleated skirt by the way the color is so pretty you look so awesome ^^

  2. you've gotten the London stylish babe!!!I love the skirt...shining and fashionable...and well combinded with the top and shoes....Stunning!!!Hope you had a great time in UK!

  3. Absolutely love your blog, following you on IG & Twitter! xoxo
    Fashion and The City | IG