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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Close your eyes, what do you feel?

The wind is a soft, constant pressure running through my hair, my lips and gently kissing my eyes until a slight tear runs down my cheek. It removes my troubles and my thoughts, often I forget where I am, what my purpose of being in this world is, a faint like sensation running through my core to my fingertips, the sound is blissful, I dream to feel peace and happiness everyday. I open my eyes, I try at least, the sun is shimmering too bright, I take a deep breath until the salt in the air fills every part in my body and question life, I think about war and how unfortunate people are in this world, this saddens me but once again the wind washes those thoughts away and bring me back to my life with the man who I love.

The waves are on repeat, in and out splashing around, making the same noise I dream of in the loud city far away from this heat burning on my skin. The transparent water washes away my guilt, my sorrows my fears and taints me with new energy fulfilling my motivations and my hopes in life.
I am a new woman.

I always wonder what life must have been like here before, before every land in this planet was found, how beautiful and untouched these islands were, the sand where I'm standing at this precise moment must have been more pristine, less tired and the terrain more jungle-like. I wish I was able to witness that very moment.

This place I call Thailand.


  1. Great post dear!!!
    just followed,in instagram
    would be great if you could do the same!!!kiss

  2. Wow, amazing pictures!

  3. What a beatiful post!
    Love those photos,

  4. I've always wanted to go to Thailand after seeing that Leo DiCaprio's film. The desire burns all the more after seeing this post. Thanks for sharing dear! xo


  5. Sarah I love this shoot and places you show....I've ever been there but looking at your pics sounds like a paradise....Photos n. 1 and 3 are my favorites...the first one is so your love for Alex....and the third is so feminine and naturally sexy....I'm sure you spent an amazing holidays...You look wonderful, relaxed and happy!!!!