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Monday, 16 May 2016

Long Weekend

Yesterday was a day wasted in bed, rotting away due to too much beer as every Saturday night comes by, followed by the most dangerous tastiest kebab pizza and my ass stuck on the sofa watching historical documentaries. Today I still feel weak, although I did visit the gym for a lazy short 30 minutes pretending I was working hard and producing no sweat at all.
It's another beautiful, blue, sunny day here in Oslo and everyone is enjoying the four-day weekend thanks to the Norwegian National day! Tomorrow the day begins with champagne breakfast followed with street parades, beer and good food, but apparently it will be much more crazier than it sounds.
I feel like recently I've been uncontrollably spending, sleeping, laughing, waiting and eating, eating so much crap I can't even count how many takeaways and meals out I've had, the flaws are more visible than ever, I feel awful, my insides feel greasy, my skin feels tired and I'm flourished with disappointment. I guess it's a good thing, when you've had enough of something it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and that's when you decide to change your lifestyle.
I'm soon turning 24 and if I'm honest time is going so fast, it's been nearly a year since I moved to Oslo, nearly two years since I moved to Barcelona and little longer since I left University. It's c-r-a-z-y, but I don't like to think about it too much because if you do, you actually get older quicker.

Blouse - MANGO
Bra - GinaTricot
Shoes - NELLY
Bag - ASOS


  1. I like beer too. Unfortunately, I cant drink to much alkohol - I have alkohol allergy :(. It is true and not funny. (...)
    I always impressed your looks, you create feminine and very stylish looks. I like it. But perhaps I mentioned it - I noticed You use different (than mine) style of shoes :) I think this dark shoes is to "heavy" optical, it would be better use some open heels. OK, it is my opinion only :) And as You wrote - time is going so fast, so who cares about shoes :)

    1. jejeje who cares about shoes! Yes thank you for the lovely comment! Sometimes it's tricky to style something when its still cold outside, don't want my toes to freeze :P

    2. I also do not like the cold, but when we are making photos I try do not think about it :)

  2. Sarah this look is of my favourite...I felt in love with the clutch:it's a little jewel!!!! You're so sophisticated!!!! Kisses

    1. hehe thank Sophia :D, yes I love the little cute bag :)

  3. Wow! You look absolutely amazing.
    And those clutch, my oh my, I need to have one.


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  5. Lovveee it! Pretty!!
    Check my blog and my new post*
    xx, A Be-atriz

  6. Fabulous styling! You look gorgeous and I like the vibe the hat gives!