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Monday, 11 April 2016

Weekend walks








I'm so glad Monday is over. Things are looking better, I guess it's because the snow has gone and there's this spring scent that I finally start to smell. This weekend Alex and I are flying to London, I miss England tremendously. It's my sisters birthday and we have so many things planned, maybe too much but I hope we will have the time and the energy to do so! Most of the time I don't think I appreciate the city in which I live in or lived in, recently when visiting Sheffield I saw a huge new side to it. So many charming places, fine architecture and of course the shopping which I look forward to the most.
It's been such a long time since I've been to London, I'm thinking around two years ago, seriously?! We will be the biggest tourist fan based Londoners this weekend, I'm so sure of that. I want to see and experience all the things I didn't when I lived to close, show Alex the real English culture, the food and of course what he loves the most - pints and pubs!

Jacket - ZARA
Bag - H&M
Dress - ZARA
Trainers - NIKE
Fish net socks - ASOS


  1. This Zara jacket is fantastic, I told You it earlier, so every look with it I like :) Ok, but I see here very eclectic outfit - black jacket and colored pleated skirt, this kind of look not often seen on blogs. Not my style but OK, looks good, only "good" because one element of this "puzzle" is weird - shoes (and socks). Ok, I dont see it :)

  2. Hope you had an amzing weekend....looking at your smile I think it was....Nice pics and look....I love the shade you chose for the skirt, ideal for this season and with the leather black jacket looks great!!! Kisses

  3. I love pastel and black leather combo, there is something about it! It screams: FIERCE!

  4. I adore your fashion sense!
    And love how you style raw with sweet!