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Friday, 22 April 2016





If you enjoyed watching the series Making a Murderer and like me you are currently obsessing over finding other similar affairs, then you should download the podcast Serial. It is truly intriguing, confusing and interesting.  I must of finished the whole podcast in two days whilst traveling seven hours there, and seven hours back on a trip I had with work at the North of Norway. It's the first podcast I've ever downloaded, a friend recommended this soon after talking about Steven Avery.
The story involve a schoolboy made guilty for murdering his ex girlfriend, a 'friend' deeply involved in the scenario and many conspiracy theories. It consists of three main characters, Adnan Syed (the convicted murdered), Hae Min Lee (the victim), and his so called friend Jay Wilds which turns out to become the contrary. It's an easy listening podcast which makes you bite your nails, makes you think, makes you feel like you were there, searching for answers, trying to put the puzzle together. If I remember correctly it goes on for twelve episodes, and they are all brilliant.
At the end of the podcast I had no idea who to believe, the 'killer' or the people who knew him, it's really confounding. Unlike making a murderer, I stand with the innocent man behind bars which I expect most of the nation feels the same, so I definitely suggest to download this free podcast! It's simply captivating.



  1. So cool this look....the dress is fantastic...and opened as you did is more glam and sexy!!!Details make the difference eheheh!I like your style, Sarah!!! Kisses

  2. You are absolutely stunning! This denim dress is gorgeous and I really like how you've unbuttoned it

    Rachel xx