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Monday, 18 April 2016


I feel it's important for having something to look forward to, wether it's a date, a holiday, the weekend or just simply going home after a long day at work. That's what keeps us going, keeps our lives exciting and most of all busy. I've been dreaming of the day I go back to London to see my friends, my sister, to enjoy freedom, but now that I have, I seem to have an emptiness in my diary which I need to fill.
It's vital for our happiness to feel like we are moving forward, doing something different for a change, seeing new things, visiting new places or having plans for the weekend, it makes us worthy.
I like to memorise and savour these special moments, when I feel at my happiest or if I'm observing something simply beautiful I take my phone and capture it with a photograph, then I can look back and remember how great that moment was, the feelings I felt back then, the surrounding, the cold or warmth, the smell of the snow or sea and especially who I was with. Sharing new adventures with someone is my prize.

Alex took me across the road towards a graffiti art location. He started taking pictures and I honestly was not feeling it, it was out of my comfort zone. I felt like with my style I was better of walking around good architecture. That was the moment I thought, oh shit I'm turning vanilla, and that's my biggest fear. I like change. Change is healthy, inspiring and beautiful.

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  2. Very feminine and beautiful set. LOVELY! Shorts are great. Ok, about shoes I not going to write :)

  3. Black, strong, modern, quiche, a bit rock a bit chic....great look Sarah!!! I like this shorts, are not the usual black chose an original model!!! Kisses

  4. Hola,
    Muy bonito el look y sexy

  5. You look amazing girl. Love this look so much! Stay fabulous! Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len