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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sweating & Shopping

It's crazy how something looks so different from the hanger at the shop in the hustle and bustle to when your trying it at home in the calm surrounding playing your favourite songs, adding your accessories and shoes to match. This was me. I dislike shopping in stores, I find it fully frustrating and hot, hot because I have to wear so many clothes to go outside and then go into these oven like shops, hot because so many people  push past you, hot because I'm thinking of what could match with what and hot because I'm stressing taking off all my layers in the small cubical like changing room. Ladies, it's a nightmare, I'm sure you would agree.
Online shopping is hard at the moment, not only because it takes longer now that I am in Norway, but also for the custom fees I have to pay, it's a nerve throbbing 25%. It hurts, it hurts a lot, especially when something doesn't fit or look right. Perhaps I should just go with the flow, since as fashion is what I love, sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit for the things that you desire.
I don't know what has happened, but I'm really getting into these nude colours. I feel they make you look so classy, just like a lady, and I still don't feel like one. Me being me, would normally buy jet black clothes, but since I'm shopping like crazy and drooling over my favourite online sites I have to step out of the dark and into the light.
Flared trousers are making a come back, these are from a Swedish site, designed by a Swedish blogger. I adore them! I actually tried these with a  nude pink suede jacket, but I literally looked like a mother from the 70s, so it's a little difficult to style them right, unless you are a mother. They also make your legs look incredibly long, especially for me, I'm a petite 5'5 gal. I also love this jumper, it has a strange shape, thats probably what caught my eye in the first place. These days jumpers look all the same, same material and length, this one is somewhat unique. The sueded wrap around belt is a great find too, again its different and its one of those you could style with anything!

Jumper: MANGO
Trousers: Sold out NELLY
Earrings: MANGO
Rings: H&M


  1. Sarah love this look: you perfectly combined the blouse with this original trousers!!!!Earrings big and glam, as I like!!!! Stunning and always more chic!!!

  2. Perfect look! I love this blouse is so beautiful.

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit! Love the photos *_* <3