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Friday, 25 March 2016

Some thoughts

Have you ever felt so lost into what you want to and will do? I'm concerned, not because I'm unsure, but for the opportunities I lack. I swear I want more, but it takes time and I want it now. I have a language barrier I'm unable to run under, and since I'm here and not there I must learn, not learn because it's either life or death, learn because it will be an advantage. Sometimes, well most of times I want to do a Masters Degree but I'm tired of studying, not because I don't want to learn but I feel like I will move one sep backwards and not forwards. Education may be one option but is it the right one right now? Or is it just an excuse or an anxiety which gives me a sense of order in my life again. Im not sure, but I have done my time at University. I would like to work with Social Media, that would be lovely thanks. But how do I get from here to there? That's what I spend my cold nights thinking, through and through. My Google history is full with searches, sometimes random, most of the times the same. I feel it's time to go for it, approach companies, sell myself, get rejected, cry a little, feel sad, but I am sure once day, someone will like me for me.
I mean everyone starts from the bottom right, or where would the excitement be?
Anyways, life is still good, today is good Friday and tomorrow it's a shopping trip to Sweden, so I'm going to put my sunglasses on, lay back and enjoy my last few days of freedom!
Stay Quiche!

Sunglasses - ASOS
Rings - H&M
Scarf - H&M


  1. Sarah you look like a diva!!!!!!love this sunglasses^_^
    P.S. I totally understand your you know....I'm tired to study we study for having more chances on work but at the time we need a job companies ask work experience....that's so bad and sad....look at this time in Oslo as a personal experience....and about the future let's see....we have to live day by day!
    Kisses and happy Easter to you, your family and Alex!

  2. Yes i know, we are very similar you and me :). Thanks for the support! I hope you are well and happy easter :D! kisses

  3. The sunglasses are amazing,I love those with cat eye effect.
    I love all black looks xx

  4. I so understand your thoughts! And I wish you luck in what ever you decide to do :)