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Monday, 28 March 2016


It's raining. It's been raining for the past three days, I think. I gives me a warm reminder of England, those dark days with drizzle falling down almost every hour of the day, it's somehow simply satisfying. Alex is baking bread, he has recently grown an obsession with baking bread, bread without any sugar, I guess it keep him busy.
Tomorrow I wake up from the most perfect week long dream and crawl over to work, hate to admit it but I'm looking forward to it, I sometimes feel a little gross if I stay at home for too long, like a old smelly pig. I aslo have to travel back to Sheffield on Wednesday, I'll be there for less than 24 hours and then straight back to work, bring it on!
Kisses for now.

Coat - MANGO


  1. Always more beautiful & glam Sarah!!!!You look great!!!Love your make-up, is perfect on you and well combined with the look!!! Have a nice week!