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Sunday, 14 February 2016



Clothes make me happy, they really do. If I haven't bought a new piece of clothing I feel sad, ugly, old and out of fashion, like I'm wearing rags, I know you probably do too. But why is it when you buy a new dress and you go out with Tha girl$ you feel like a million dollars?
Clothing is a sense of pleasure and confidence, when you look good you feel good right? A dress enhances your body, make you feel sexy and confident, give you a feel of sexual power. As well as a pair of brand new shoes, takes me on a glittery stage to walk on, literally you feel like Beyonce.
Have you heard of retail therapy? Of course you have. When people, myself,  tend to feel sad, down or even unattractive I go to my desires, new make up, clothes, whatever, but why? It gives me a touch of self-gained control for my life again. Something new makes me feel less anxious, old and even up to date. I like to be surrounded by nice things, beauty, it lifts my mood, makes me happy, makes me feel grateful.

It does cross my mind that the  concept is quite sad and materialistic, we live in a world that everything is consumed like money thrown down the shitter. The brain tells you that you want this rather than you need it. Money spent on things that don't really have meaning, but hey you only have one life, life is short and you should live it how the hell you want to! But yes, I wished I lived in the days of no consumerism back in the so called Shire, days were much simpler back then.

I do not object on spending money freely, personally I spend money on what I wish, of course I do have a number of pages of things I would like to have but I'm no millionaire and I reckon life would get boring when you have everything in the world. That's why we always want more. More of the crystal new or more of the vintage, nothing in the middle, that's too basic bitch.



  1. This look is looks elegant & modern!
    Shoes, earrings, clothes, bags... make me happy too, eheheh!!!!

  2. Sarah love! There is an exhibition in Sweden called Stilmedveten ( that is really interesting and maybe they are doing Oslo too soon :)

    1. Hey babe!! Thanks for the info I will check it out :)

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