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Monday, 22 February 2016





Oh, how I adore feeling good and dressing 'nice' for once, as most of the time I know that I look and dress like death. I don't try anymore, I actually don't get out much apart from crawling to work on the metro at 05:30 am every morning, now that's a struggle. Sounds sad I know, but when it's freezing cold outside I would rather stay home and do other things, relax and gain my energy back. That's probably a lazy excuse for me being so lazy, lazy shit.
This is the reason why I began blogging, I was bored and I knew I had a love for photography, fashion, design, everything under that umbrella. I wanted a hobby that I could be completely free and be myself, get my thoughts out, experiences, views and see what I can make of it. Having the chance to create something completely yourself is completely self rewarding. Otherwise your day routine of work, eat and sleep becomes boring, it becomes suicidal.

I feel like these shoots are great to boost my self confidence, my inner ego flourishes, I get the energy I used to have and I feel good in all aspects within myself.  After meeting Alex, I felt no need to go out anymore, apart to seeing my friends, but you get very comfortable, maybe too much, that's dangerous. But I did so, and now I miss the Sarah back at University who would love to be around people, but I guess you can't be a drunk all your life. Change is good. Change for the better, now that's important.

Well, I should probably really talk more about what I'm wearing, but I find that somewhat dull, as I've never felt or been great about explaining why I wear what I do, I just like it okay? But I'll promise and try to get better. I get influenced mostly on social networks, Tumblr, Insta, Pinterest and the list goes on. I never buy magazines, NEVER, I find it a little bit of a waste of money, maybe I'm wrong, but it's just purely advertising of dry topics of beautiful women holding perfume bottles. I just know that at this moment I'm really into these earthy - nude tones. I hope that helps.

What I'm wearing:
Jacket - MANGO
Skirt - BIKBOK
Sunglasses - Sold out but similar here ASOS

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  1. So cute Sarah!!! I love your earrings and this jacket fits you very well!!!Nice and unusual color:great idea!