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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hey babes I'm in Oslo!

Sunday morning and I'm sitting on the sofa trying to seek inspiration to write a blog post, inspiration? Yes, I seriously couldn't find any so I questioned myself, why do I have to research to speak my mind? Sometimes it's an excuse, but occasionally you just have to do what you need to do and inspire yourself.

These past few months have been crazy, full of hard work with no beauty sleep. Most of my spare time and weekends have been spent working on my new apartment in Oslo.
When we first moved in it was seriously run down, just imagine a student house that hasn't been taken care of for a good 7 years, yes, cheers Jesus, but on the other hand it has been a rather large exciting project.
Since forever, I've liked to do things my own and make spaces beautiful so this was for sure worth it. Cleaning, scrubbing, painting and decorating is very expensive and time consuming, believe me, most of my money has been spent in the fabulous IKEA and other interior design shops. Now that the apartment is finished ready for the dark days of winter I can have a life, meaning I'll be doing what I do best, rolling around like a lil pig in my beautiful casa.
But seriously speaking, I want to get back to my roots, being creative, if it means designing again - hello.

Okay, so a little about Oslo, I love it, it's such a great city to live in even though right now it's about -50 degrees. I thought moving from a hot country to an igloo would be difficult, but actually you kind of adapt to whatever life throws in your face.
Oslo is very expensive, so expensive you don't want to eat, ever. For example, in my experience a meal out for two in an average restaurant is around £100, a pint £9 and let's say a bottle of Coca Cola is £3. If you're rubbish at saving money like me, be prepared to spend your money and soul here.
Now that I'm getting older and wishing for my own house rather than a pink pony, I'm really starting to learn on about how to save and spend my money wisely.

Bye babes, stay sexy.


  1. lovely post Sarah , hope your life in Oslo is good, I'm sure it is....
    I like your dressing gown, I've one similar, a little bit clearer ^_^ very princess style jejeje
    When you miss spain and you want to come back you're invited on my flat here in Madrid!!!!

  2. So glad you followed me so that I could find your lovely blog! Your pictures are gorgeous and your life definitely seems enviable! It's interesting to see that you used to live not very far from at all - I am based near Guildford, Surrey. Looking forward to you future posts :)

    Georgie xo

    1. Hello Georgie!
      Thank you so much for your comment, really made my day :) !