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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Leaving Barcelona

Andalusia, Spain.

Umeå, Sweden.

So after living in Barcelona for nine months I made the decision to move to Oslo where my boyfriend currently lives, my Swedish baby.


I quit my job three weeks ago before making the big move, we spend around a week in Barcelona and then we drove 900 miles South to my parents new place. They've just recently bought an olive farm in Andalusia which is the hottest place I have ever visited, it reached 45 degrees!
Andalusia was super fun, I only get to see my family twice a year and I enjoy every minute of it especially with my two little sisters which are growing so fast. The house was located in the middle of nowhere, the nearest village is called Villacarillo and its a 20 minute drive with a population of 11,000. Everyone looked at us as if we where from another planet, they never get tourists.

As I get really bad severe travel sickness the way back on a 9 hour drive was not sexy. Throwing up and believing I was due to pass away, I literally promised myself I would never get in a car again, which is pretty impossible when you travel. So hating on life we got to Barcelona safe, smelling as we didn't shower for 4 days (as my parents had a bucket and water as a shower) we crawled back home.
I felt really excited to be leaving and starting a fresh new life in Norway but then again it was really sad to be saying goodbye to Barcelona, the thing I will miss most is my sister and the heat. I would definitely recommend any one to visit/move to Barcelona, its an amazing city with amazing people.


I like the hot climate, hot wind, hot sunshine, everything about heat, so flying to Sweden was a drastic change! It's beautiful though, I have been yearning for a rainy Sunday for a long time, being all tucked in bed with a pot of ice cream with a film on hmmm basic bitch.
We went for country walks, cinema dates, shopping sprees, just basically had a real relaxed time with friends and family. Overall Sweden had a real nice character, everything was really peaceful, the environment was full of nature and all in all it just felt lovely.


  1. muy "cow girl" argentina Sarah!!!!! Me gusta!!!!! En perfecto estilo andaluz pero con tu toque personal!!!! Mola chica ;-)

  2. This all sounds like so much fun! I've been debating on traveling for a month this year, so I loved reading this :)