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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sunset Light in Zakynthos

In some ways, there's too much to say for on this one post so here it goes, Greece you've stolen my heart.
Greece and it's so many islands, which luckily I visited two this summer plus the capital, Athens.
Zakynthos is where Alex and I decided to spend two weeks together, far away from frosty Oslo, even still during the summer, we both are experiencing Greece for the first time, and it's been totally worth it. The food, the ambience, the Greek's passion in what they do, it's simply been my favourite summer yet, not only by spending it with the one I love the most but at one of those beach postcards which says 'wish you were here'!
I'll be adding a travel guide on Zakynthos as soon as I get home, good Wifi and in my pyjamas is what I need first!


Monday, 19 June 2017


Monday Funday! Okay, that's a lie.

Bringing out the short-shorts and enjoying this European heatwave! And by the way, how hot are these shorts!
Such a radiant weekend, sat at a beer garden for hours, getting my first rosy cheeks of the year and generally enjoying life.
This week will be a heavy one, lots of planning and organising before my first trip this summer, I wouldn't want to spill the beans but I'm sure you will see over at my Instagram what I will be up to!
I'm definitely more worried about my summer outfits, I have them planned, but I wonder if I'll be drunk most of the time to remember to take pictures? We will have to see! Sometimes, well most of the times at my favourite moments I forget to take a few snaps, maybe I'm having too much fun and just forgetting about social media, either way, I guess that's a good way to take a break.

Shorts - SheIn
Shoes - Similar here: NELLY

Monday, 12 June 2017

Into the fields with VIPme

I have to take advantage.
The advantage of this warm, pleasant weather, weeds keep appearing from the cracks on the ground, bees flying around sucking on the pollen and more juicy watermelons on offer at my local supermarket.
I’m finding it rather hard to get out and do things since the past year I’ve been at home hiding from the cold it’s hard to get into that routine and set your mind into the motivation mode, which only I can do activate.
I promised myself as soon as June comes by I shall and will have more energy, maybe start the gym even though it more of a chore than anything, swimming or even exploring more of Oslo. Isn’t it strange that once you move to a new place you avoid all the touristic attractions? I haven't even visited half of them, which is one of my goals this summer, experience Oslo.
Today I did just that, locked my apartment door and headed out into the Norwegian countryside. And how beautiful and blissful it was, to get out of the city, away from traffic, people and have a ‘day-off’.
Together with VIPme, I ran across the farmers seasonal plantation, feeling the joy and the freedom of what nature can give. Another summer dress to pack in my suitcase for my upcoming holidays, VIPme has saved me one more time.

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Dress - VIPme Item sold out but similar here - VIPme

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Wrapped in my duvet

Whilst it's been heavily raining for the past week, why not stay in bed for the whole Sunday and Netflix and chill. Sounds good right?
If I can't shoot outside, let's take a few pictures of what I'm up to this Sunday!
Wrapped in my duvet, watching series all day, waking up at noon after a long night out, people screaming cheers every time someone bought a round of beers, those voices still ringing in my ear.
Refuelling my body with goodness from mother nature, an easy breakfast of yoghurt with my favourite fruits! I must admit, I did have my ultimate prized bacon sandwich.
Cheers to this dark, rainy Sunday!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lady-Like with VIPme


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Back home with RoseGal

Never realise how much I appreciate home.
Whenever I get tired of the hustle and bustle of London, the swamp of tourists in the underground and the busy traffic I feel so ready to go back to good old quiet Oslo.
Enjoying the rays and my not so much sun-kissed skin, wrapped in this skirt from RoseGal, everything seems and is perfect. But hey, I love London and who doesn't?!
Cheers to this weather!


Skirt - RoseGal
Shoes - Superga